I mamaged to do 5th place in my Masters Physique class at the BC championships. With this, I qualified for the same class in the Canadian Nationals. Once you add the top fives from the other Canadian provinces, this makes a much bigger class and a lot more tough competition. There would be little reason to think I could get another top five in this group. But the Physique Nationals were in New westminster. Not Halifax. Also, competing in National Championships is not what happens many times in a lifetime. So I decide to enter and do my best.
I am right when I thought the competition would be tough. There is a lot of muscle. I have made some gains but still not enough. When you see the stage shots you can see that I still need more size, particularly in the quads.
My class is twenty and the scores show me that I finish number 13. I do not feel bad for this. I can see what I need to do to finish higher. I was satisfied to see that I finish above the other BC athletes that have beaten me before in the Popeye and BC Championships.
I thought some people did not do their best posing. I think when they saw the calibre of the competition, they got discouraged. They sort of gave up. I will never do this. In this sport you just keep on trying, setting new goals. I always have fun at these competitions. I meet lots of people, take lots of pictures. If I am number one I am jumping up and down. If I am top five, I am satisfied. If I am not top five and walk off,  I just resolve to do better next time.

The Quest for Top Five

Bikini, Figure and Physique, you know.
Not afraid to wear small posing suit,
Not nervous for the thousand eyes and photo shoot.
Confident they can be top five; sure, this day, they have arrived.
But in Class of twenty, not all can be top five.
In the evening show, the time will come,
Whose number will be called by Kim Farrison?
Fifteen will stand in dark, then exit, leave no mark.
Top five will hear their music, their routine display,
Then a trophy, medal, will come their way.
What is answer to catch the judge's eye?
At higher level, the difference, oh so fine.
We search for balance of the symmetry and mass.
Some day, will come big prize, at last.