The Olympic Games have just finished.I have heard many Anthems.In the team sports,the Anthems of both teams are played before the match begins.I see the players with arms linked, eyes up,swaying slightly to the rythymn,some who know the words, singing along.
I see the Gold Medal winners, at the presentation ceremony,standing at attention, sometimes with hand over the heart.Many cannot control their emotion,tears fill the eyes.
I love to hear the Anthem played.It is best when 60,000 raise their voices. I never want to miss the Anthems.The song is usually only a few minutes, but it is worth the price of admission [I think]
I have a few favorites.It is mostly the music that gets me.The lyrics I mostly don't understand. When they are written for me in a language I know,they are usually not that great.
In the video clip,80,000 sing "La Marsellaise" before the Euro Cup semi final between France and Germany.How thrilling. "La Marsellaise" is my favorite.
Bruce tells me some stuff about the history of France and Germany 1914-1945.Millions millions were killed,starved or died of disease.I think it is better to sing the Anthems and play the soccer game.I understand that during the tournament, 30-40 English and Russian fans were arrested for rowdy behavior. That's it.  When will we ever learn? [That's another song]
My other favorite is "Flower of Scotland". Scotland does not have an official anthem but this song has sort of been adopted and is played on big occassions.This would include International rugby matches. Bruce's Grandparents came from Scotland and Rugby was his life sport.So "Flower of Scotland" gets the Silver medal.In the video, hear Amy MacDonald lead the crowd at Murrayfield, before Scotland vs England, 2015.
The Scots and the English have a long [at least 300 years] history of fighting each other.The battles were sporadic and the numbers of combatants relatively small but they were not small "skirmishes".The weapons were swords,lances, spears and axes and at close quarters. The carnage was likely awful.Many wounds were not immediately fatal.No treatment was attempted. The unfortunate wounded lay groaning on the battlefield for hours, even days, until gas gangrene and tetanus brought an end. Disposal was left to the scavengers and the maggots.
Below is a list of some of the battles.{ about half of them]
Battle of Connor (1315)
    Siege of Carlisle (1315)
    Battle of Kells (1315)
    Battle of Skaithmuir (1316)
    Battle of Skerries (1316)
    Battle of Faughart (1318)
    Capture of Berwick (1318)
    Battle of Myton (1319)
    Battle of Boroughbridge (1322)
    Battle of Old Byland (1322)
    Battle of Stanhope Park (1327)

    Battle of Annan (1329)
    Battle of Dupplin Moor (1330)
    Battle of Dornock (1333)
    Battle of Halidon Hill (1333)
    Battle of Boroughmuir (1335)
    Battle of Culblean (1335)
    Battle of Neville's Cross (1357)
Flower of Scotland is actually about the Battle of Bannockburn, 1314, which somehow did not make the above list.Robert the Bruce defeated Edward 11 and his army.
There has been a cessation of battles between the English and Scots for the past 500 years.
Its Rugby Union at Murrayfield or Twickenham. They sing "Flower of Scotland"and "God Save the Queen", then play the game. At full time, everyone shakes hands and goes for a pint.
No spectators are arrested for "hooliganism." Rugby fans are better behaved than football fans.