I want to talk about familes.

Maybe you are surprised. I care a lot about families. I wish every family in the world is like Bruce's family. You notice that I do not put any words on this video. I do not think I need to.
When you watch these three generations together, I think you can feel the respect for one another.  Not everything goes perfectly for everybody. Relationships may fail, employment may be lost, dreams get "wake up call", lofty goals end in disappointment. When these things happen, the strong family can give you "leg up".

I think about my family and I see how family can become your enemy. I have older Brother and younger Brother. My father is killed in the workplace when I am four. I remember my Mother has to go to work in the factory. We are very poor. Nobody have time for me. I am ignored, except to tell me cook this, clean that.

It is up to me to finish the High School, get to the University, find the Physical Education job in  Nanjing. I do not look for the encouragement or congratulations from my family; it is not coming. Now this family [my older brother] phone me from China, almost every call is about money. [they don't have enough]  I pay the rent for their house. Pay for his operation when he breaks his arm, pay the government for his assistance money, but they continue to ask. I see smoking and hear gambling place. They lie to me.  I try to teach them Right Soul.

I marry Jian Xin when I am starting my job in Nanjing. His parents say I am not suitable for their son. They refuse to celebrate our marriage. They say I am "low level" person.  Jian Xin and I have a daughter, Luya. We become this small family. Then Jian Xin took a job in Pakistan. One year later, he becomes very sick. He is brought back to China where he dies in hospital, age 26, maybe from liver problem.  His parents come to blame me for his death.[???]  They won't help me and Luya in any way.   This is my other family.

So this experience teach me to so cherish a good family.  I want to show everybody what is the "Good Soul". I tell you before, the Good Soul is honest. The Good Soul respects other people, forgives them when they make mistake. There is no trace of judgement, anger, hatred. Never wants to hurt another's mind or body. Never jealous. If every family person have the powerful "Good Soul",  then the "Bad Soul" will have no chance.