What body is for the lady?

  Body fat percentage should be close to thirty?

A "Rubens" , with wide buttocks and full thighs?

Soft and rotund abdomen? Breasts,  big size?

No muscle to be seen? No vessels to be found?

Or how about, looks like Barbie Doll? Delicate. Breasts small and round.

Just curves and so narrow waist? No skin wrinkle can you find.

Arms and legs like pencils. No muscle can you define.

You think thIs is the body for the lady?

But come and watch  these muscle ladies. The X physique for you to see.

Come feel this strength and see the flexibility.

You think that you are strong? You can play for long?

If you can keep it up, in this time, you can't go wrong.

You can never tire me out. For this, I have no doubt.

Muscles are not just for  man.

With muscles, the answer's "Yes, I can".

The muscle burns like slow fire, melts away the fat.

Strong Muscles stop the "this pain, that pain", just like that.

Muscles give you action, motion and the force.

For any game, strong muscles, you'll need, of course.

I think this body is for the lady.

Boola, boola.