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It was two years ago that I first went to America for this competition. I remember that I was disappointed with the result. Now, I thought I had gained some muscle and the outcome would be better.

When I go to the pump room, I saw my class. My heart is down. I worry that I will be last. Every body looks very, very nice.

You know, if your class has eight competitors, there is no worse feeling than to place 6, 7 or 8. You exit by the backstage while the top five receive their trophies.

Many cannot face this experience, if they even think it might happen.

It is not easy to go to the Stage.

Why go to the stage?

You can do the running.

You can do the weight training.

You can control the food,

Take the supplement, like you should.

But, why go to the stage?

 The expensive suit, that's on me.

Pay your entry fee.

Practice your pose, practice your walk.

Go to the meeting , listen to talk.

Get your number, do the tan to cover the pale.

Then hair, make-up, eye lash and nail.

Result is so  good, I should not fail.

So, why go to the stage?

Not everyone can go to the stage.

I learn again. Do not worry about the competition. Believe yourself. Do not look to the side. Focus on your job. Maybe , some day you will be number 6. But remember, you were not last. You beat thousands who did not go to the stage.