Prostitution is illegal in every American state except Nevada, and legal only in certain counties in Nevada. Both customer and provider are hounded by police. Crusading sheriffs and Attorneys General are bent on the abolition of prostitution. Backpage's escort section is constantly fighting for its life in the courts. Once in a while, to the delight of those in enforcement, a State Governor[ Eliot Spitzer] Law professor [ John Attanasio] or sport celebrity [Susie Hamilton] is caught as a consumer or provider. Then, everybody jumps on the bandwagon to join in the pummeling of the "offender."

The music for the video clip is from the motion picture, "Paint Your Wagon", starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin and Jean Seberg. It cost 18 million to make. The critics were hard on it, but it did well at the box office, and was the sixth highest grossing film in 1969.

You may not have seen this film, so let me just highlight some of the events in the plot.

1. The miners in a gold rush camp bid at auction for the second wife of a visiting Mormon.

2. She goes to the highest bidder, who then "shares" her with his younger pardner. They live together as a threesome.

3. Because of the shortage of women in the camp [one] a stagecoach carrying six prostitutes is highjacked and brought to the mining camp. Enthusiastic preparations are made to receive them, A saloon and brothel is rapidly constructed.

4. Crusty old miner Ben introduces the young nephew of a strait laced family[ rescued from a blizzard] to the brothel where the boy soon becomes a frequent visitor.

These events earn the film an "M" rating, but nobody is arrested. The threesome, the arrival of the prostitutes and the "education" of the youngster are portrayed as sensible, exciting and all in the interest of good, clean fun.

I am reminded of another motion picture, "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" starring Dolly Parton and Bert Reynolds. The place is called the "Chicken Ranch" and in spite of existing laws its activities were studiously ignored for a hundred years by the authorities. It was a tradition for the winning football team of Texas vs Texas A @ M to bus to the Chicken Ranch for post game fun.  Again the portrayal  is that of people just having a good time.

The film was the highest grossing motion picture of the "80s. Golden Globe said it was the best musical/comedy. A supporting actor won an Academy Award.

OK, America. There seems to be paradox here. I looked up the meaning of "paradox". It does fit. Synonyms are "contradictory" and "absurdity" . Millions went to see the motion pictures above. Paying for the sexy playtime was portrayed as all fun and games.

OK, let's bring that approach to real life. Cancel the Sheriff with a mission, the Attorney General with an agenda, the Minister of Justice with a purpose, the sanctimonius and judgmental and the "holier than thou".

I would like to see a half a million more "Chicken Ranches".