Stephen Foster   1826-1864

So, do you know who was Stephen Foster?  I think most young Canadians do not.

Well, he was a songwriter. He may have been America's greatest songwriter. Certainly, he was America's first songwriter. He was probably the most well-known songwriter of the nineteenth century. He wrote about 280 songs. He is as famous an American as Louis Armstrong.

Certainly, he had a genius for creating the simple, pleasant rythmn. His lyrics went from sad and lonely to whimsical nonsense. [Oh, Susanna]

Among his most famous songs is "My Old Kentucky home".   Now performed by college bands and orchestras, sung by State Governors at basketball games [Happy Chandler} and The Robert Shaw Chorale.

By 'n by hard times come a-knocking at the door

Then my old Kentucky home good night.

Weep no more, my lady

Oh, weep no more, today

We will sing one song for the old Kentucky home

For the old Kentucky home far away.

If you want to hear "My Old Kentucky Home" performed on the greatest of Stages, don't miss the Kentucky Derby, first week of May, every year. Coming soon.

Ring, ring the banjo!
I like that good old song,
Come again, good fortune,
Oh! where you been so long?

We humans do very good things. Sometimes very bad. We need to focus on the good. One of the best things we do is play music and sing. When I hear, "Ring, Ring, the Banjo!" I know what this means.

It means, Play the Music, Sing the Song. Join with me. We can't do wrong.