On Saturday Afternoon

What does America do on a Saturday afternoon?

When comes the Autumn chill and Maple and Oak the colors show,

All the people know.  September is coming soon.

So what will America do on a Saturday afternoon?

Do you know where is  Norman and South Bend? Have you seen?

How about Baton Rouge, College Station and Tallahassee?

Oklahoma Sooners and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

On Saturday, in South Bend, Illinois and in Norman, Oklahoma, its the same.

One hundred thousand will leave their home to see the Football game.

That's what America does on a Satuday afternoon.

Do you know who was Knute Rockne and George Gipp? Charlie Trippi?

How about Carlisle University and Jim Thorpe? Bronco Nagurski?

Who was the "Galloping Ghost"? You know who was Doak and Herschel Walker?

America will know these names.

Because they all go to the Football game.