The People who pass judgement are called "Judges". They are found behind the Bench, in a courthouse.

John Furlong says he forgives everyone. That's a lot of forgiving.

John Furlong says he forgives everyone. That's a lot of forgiving.

Just in the past Decade, there have been numerous instances of the "Big Guy Fallen". There seem to be two spheres of human activity where these events seem to "cluster". One is sexual and the other is the use of banned substances by elite athletes. 

All it seems to take is a rumor or allegation. The time passed since the alleged offense does not seem to be a consideration.

Recently, there was the Television personality Jian Ghomeshi, accused of "rough" sex. We know how that's evolving, although we wait the Judge's verdict March 24.

The situation does not look good for Bill Cosby at this time, but I strongly advise the good citizens to keep a lid on their judgment. We do have courts. This is where a judgment is made. By a Judge. The rest of us, especially media, need to keep our ideas in "park". Very few of us are qualified to "judge". We never have facts at our disposal. We seldom qualify as experts.

I want to go back a few years to one of the first blogs I wrote on this website. I re-post it below, exactly as I wrote it in 2012


I advertise sometimes, in the Georgia Straight. Bruce reads this paper, and others in Starbucks. Bruce told me about an article on John Furlong.

I am sensitive to this type of report and the flood of commentary that follows. As usual, many people see the chance to join the mob and throw stones. If you are high profile person you are only one slip away from being the victim of a mass "stoning" . Many want to join in the judgment and the "stomping", especially if they can remain anonymous. I f you are a Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton or the congressman Weiner, and you slip up, be ready for a tsunami of vitreol from the safety of the bleacher seats. John Furlong is not on the same page as Tiger Woods, but the damage done to him is substantive, nonetheless.

Nobody can do this life perfectly. Like, nobody. Life is a long course. You will be getting things wrong from time to time. Hopefully, less , as time passes. Bruce tells me about things he said and did as a teenager which he is not that proud of. By age 50, he was still able to "screw the pooch". Between the two of us, we have been married seven times. Neither of us is a candidate for any political office. I had affairs, I fucked in the park, in the garage, at my academic boss's home, in the student housing. I cancelled two pregnancies.  It's all in my book, 'ZENGMONICAMASSAGE". You can Google search it and read from cover to cover for free.

Nothing is left out. There are no gaps. Now I do massage. Sexual, if you like. My advertisements are on the Craigslist, ERS list, Backpage, daily. Complete with pictures and videos. I like my job. I think it is the best job ever. Am I worried that someone will "dig" into my past life and try to find something that can be used to hurt me? No. Good luck to anyone who might want to try.

I have resolved never to climb on the bandwagon and join in the verbal/printed riot that follows on the report of a "mis-step" by a public figure.

Take a step back and just think. Use your own brain. Look in the mirror. Ask yourself if you have been there. Remember, "There, but for the grace of God, go I".

Before spouting off on line, ask yourself many questions. In the case of Mr. Furlong, like the following:

When did this happen?  What actually did happen? How old was Mr Furlong? What training was he given before he volunteered for this job? What is the reason for the 40 years of silence, if indeed someone suffered emotional or physical injury?

Most importantly, ask what purpose this investigation had? What gain to be realized? Who is going to be in a better place when the dust settles?

The lawyers.

Fast forward to April 2015; The witnesses against Mr Furlong either failed to show or proved to be monstrous liars. The case was dismissed. The witnesses apparently were able to walk away, without any consequence, after causing Mr Furlong irreparable damage.

Finally, in September, 2015, a defamation suit, against Mr. Furlong, filed by the journalist who wrote the original articles, was also dismissed. The journalist considered that she was defamed by Mr Furlong's remark that her reporting was "reckless and irresponsible"