The dubious honour of being on the coin or stamp

Last year, at Christmas, I bought a spool of stamps. I saw they show pictures of some baby animals. The one's I have show four woodchucks peaking out of a burrow. I guess the creators of the stamps think something soft and cute was a good image for the Christmas holiday.

I am not so sure that it is a good thing to have your picture on a Canadian stamp or coin. The Beaver, as you know, is on the nickel. Look what has happened, and continues to happen, to the Beaver. The Beaver was declared to be the "National Animal" in 1975, but has paid dearly for this honor.

You can identify the Caribou? You should. He is on the Canadian 25 cent coin. This does not offer him any protection. Unfortunately, the Caribou male grows a magnificent set of antlers every year. The trophy hunters, licensed to kill by our government, take down the very best. In spite of some research, I really couldn't find a number for total killed in a year. There were many camps in Alaska, Nunavit, Quebec and Labrador, each talking high success, so I think the total would be a thousand annually.

The Polar Bear made it on to the "Toonie". Because of global warming and the receding Arctic ice, this seal hunter has been recognized to be in some jeopardy. Total population is about 20,000; 15,000 are in Canada. Canada is the only country to allow a Polar bear hunt. In 2012, 740 were killed, their skins eventually a rug in someone's home.

275,000 Harp seal pups are killed during the annual seal hunt. They are either shot or bludgeoned. How come seal pups are not on Canadian coins or stamps? Maybe the activity is too much of an embarrassment.  Lame excuses continue to be made for the continuation of this annual event.

Why do I keep talking about this stuff on my website? I want humans to do good things. I believe that I do a good thing. I have told you this before, but I need to say again. I make people comfortable. I get them to relax. I let them have an experience which is not always easy to find. Everyone is smiling. Everyone is saying good words. These are the people who make an appointment and come to my door.

Others judge me. The laws threaten me, and in particular, they now threaten my nice customers.

You know, I never want to hurt anything. I never kill anything. If there is a wasp in my kitchen, I just open the door and shoo him out. If I find a spider in the garage, I get some paper, pick him up carefully and put him in the garden.

Apparently, providing another adult with an opportunity to enjoy some sexy play is wrong on moral and religious grounds and should be punished, according to the law. Clients, who for the excitement of killing, and who can pay enough to create employment or a perception of economic benefit, they will enjoy this activity without fear of punishment.

Leave the portraits of long ago Prime Ministers and our Queen on the Canadian money. Don't let anyone replace them with images of the Grizzly bear, Cougar, Lynx and Wolf. Lest this recognition become their obituary.