'Hey man, what we talkin' about here? We are talkin' about practice? Practice!?

Not a game. Not a game that I play as if it were my last. We are talkin' about practice!!??'

Allen Iverson, when he was asked by reporter, why he missed practice.


What is practice?

There is practice of Medicine. Practice of Law.

Or you can practice the basketball.

You can practice too much, or practice too small

If you are not careful, you will practice mistake.

Repeat, repeat will not the "perfect" make.

For some motion, there can always be gain

But the perfect ten, that is hard to attain.  

When you go to the stage, you need to know,

That you will bring something special to show.

If you reach level where you are the best,

The practice will tell you that you can beat all the rest.

Practice builds confidence, erases all doubt,

Practice that's easy, practice that's light is not worth a shout.

When the real game begins, that's what its really about.