Your field for the playtime!

Its Valentine's day, today, February 14. Two years ago, I had this to say when I saw this newspaper article about their telephone research:


A recent survey of 1000 people, across Canada, performed by the National Post, asked questions about love and marriage.

For me, the most revealing question was the following:

"If you are married or in a long-term relationship, do you and your partner still share a bed?"

The result was that 20-30% of the couples did not share a bed. The author cheerily reports that "70-80% of couples still sleep together", as if this was a good result.

I don't think so. Twenty to thirty percent of all the people in long-term relationships is a lot of people.

Even worse, the survey shows that one half of these folks were under 45 .

I'm sorry, these marriages or relationships have gone to the dead zone. This has become an endurance test for one or both of the partners. How could these relationships last? If there are not sufficient resources [money] for a divorce, then these people are in a prison.  How horrible.


The Bed


OK, you couples, man and lady, lady lady, man and man,

You now are pair. All your lives you need to share

Walking together? Take your partner by the arm.

Another way, go hand-in-hand; what harm?

Sitting together? Put a hand upon the thigh.

How about  Public Display of Affection? Oh my.

A kiss, a hug, an arm around the waist? Do more.

In your home, undress and shower, don't close a door.

Leave the nightclothes in the drawer.

Now the bed,  to strengthen bonds, show how much you care.

Sweet love words and soft massage, touch here, touch there.

Bring skin to skin,smooth and warm. Use your tongue, everywhere.

The kiss and suck can be anywhere. New ideas you can share.

The bed, it is your field for playtime, Its eight foot square.