We are the lucky ones

For all of us, some time, the life will be surely done.

But we are the most lucky ones.

Billions of others never saw the sun.

Had no chance to live and see the earth.

Do you know the odds against your birth?

One hundred years ago, the chance was naught.

Your parents had not yet tied the knot.

Then, ejaculation was wrong place, wrong time, not right,

Or someone said, "I'm too tired for that tonight."

What chance your sperm, the ovum, it would penetrate?

Nine months before you saw first light,

What were the odds you could exist, have sight?

In an instant, the sperm and the ovum were conjoined.

In an instant, you were conceived, your DNA was now enjoined.

Now the odds that you would see this world

Went from so, so small to not bad at all.

So, now, we are here with our eyes wide open.

We will have one dear life, one time, one hope.

Now is our only chance to understand, to know.

You live in age of great discovery, so use your mind.

Don't be left behind. Love the knowledge of any kind.

What can you achieve, what contribution can you make?

Every day brings more that is amazing. See it, feel it, make no mistake.

Don't forget to smell the flowers, someone said.

Don't just pass by, the brain switched off, like dead. Don't be led.

So much is all around you; you have eyes, see it and say," I think..."

Don't use your life for anger, the judgment and hypocrisy.

Don't lock your brain up with religiosity.

Don't let me ever hear you say you're bored.

You and I, so lucky to be conceived and born,

Always try for something new,

So don't waste the lucky, precious life that's you.