Don't Ever Say, This is Just a Game.


Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns,who will be best?

What great event was this contest!

For one hundred years, they come to test.

Six years ago,100,000 came to the Cotton Bowl,

Both sides knew that victory was their goal.

All Texans arrived from far and wide,

And Okies crossed the river from the other side.

Some phrase, I have heard, or by the written word;

"This is just a game". Oh, no.

For those who take the field,

This may be the greatest goal achieved.

Who is best prepared? Who is ready, the odds to dare?

Who could find the courage and resolve?

Who would sacrifice? Who would never quit?

The 100,000 want to share this spirit,

They want to feel this great energy, they hear the call.

Here, excellence met excellence, on the greatest stage of all.

Those on the field of play,and the witnesses, 100,000 strong,

Only one could win and to the victor came the song.

Let me tell you, the human needs to play the game.

Don't ever say that this was "just a game".

To every contest bring your pride.

It is not a problem to be proud.I am on your side.