You cannot read the inscription but it says,

You cannot read the inscription but it says, "In memory of sex workers and their ongoing struggle for equality" Amen

Better Sorry Now, Than Not At All

There's a lampost in memorium in the west end of Vancouver. It is directly in front of an Anglican church, which you can see in the background of the picture. If you read the inscription at the base, you will learn that this small monument is a tribute to the sex workers whose "base of operations" was once in this community.

The sad story is they were forced out of this safe environment by a significant proportion of the stirling citzens, invoking the NIMBY principle. What started as complaining of the offering of sex for money on the streets of their neighbourhood ended in the BC Supreme court[1981] with a law expelling the sex workers. They subsequently fled to the alleys of Vancouver's east side where they were preyed upon by pimps, bad clients and police.

As we all know, 49 young women vanished over a span of years, their bodies morcellated on Robert Picton's pig farm, while VCP displayed a grand indifference.

Some good folks eventually conceived of the monument and brought it to fruition, the costs, about $30,000, allegedly born by the fines imposed on sexworkers .[2015]

I do not know how it came to be directly in front of the Anglican Church or whether it is there by agreement  or in spite of the Pastor or higher Anglican authorities.

Regardless, it is still there. If the pastor is proud and approving I would shake his hand.

 “Anytime when something happens in society where a grave injustice occurs, there has to be an acknowledgement of that and a rectifying of that,” 

Pay for the one hour girfriend? The debate seems to have lost force

I scan the Globe and Mail each morning in the Starbucks. You know, I hardly see a word these days about prostitution. Two years ago everyone seemed to have something to say about prostitution. Then, it seemed the sex trade was pushed to the end of the bench by insignificant issues like Senator's expenses and Mr. Duffy's trial. Even the Federal election was enough to shut out prostitution.

We are now entering the age of the atrocity. One after another, at home and abroad. In the brain of the vulnerable, denied education and  opportunity, the religiotic fungus multiplies.  That brain, the achievement of millions of years of evolution, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, capable of compassion and kindness, creativity and innovation, now degenerates into acts of unthinkable barbarism.

We should have been happy that prostitution seemed to be a "big problem", deserving of the attention of Supreme courts, Governments and academics.

I think that if these "sex trade" issues were to become prominent in the media again, the message would be that all was well with the world.

A gentleman,having tried and failed the girlfriend route, having no confidence for the "pick-up", decides to save some cash and just pay for the sexy playtime. He comes to my place, enjoys the play, one hour, pays for it, and is on his way. Our laws say this was a "crime". Let's go back to discussing this "crime"; Let the sex trade topic be everywhere in the news media.

 Then we will know that the grisly executions and  mass murder of innocents, perpetrated by mobs of psychopaths, may have, for whatever reason, come to an end.

You say, I don't pay for sex? Sorry. Yes, you do.

What is a prostitute?  A definition, you can soon  locate:

"Providing sex in return for money",  the dictionary does state.

Oh, really! That's just great!

OK. Now, I have some questions to open up your mind.

Have you ever had no job, no money?

 How much  sexy playtime, then, could you  find?

My students, study this equation. You don't need to be Einstein.

No job = no money = no sex.  This is not a theory of mine.

This is like Newton's law of gravity.


What is marriage but prostitution to one man instead of many?

 ANGELA CARTER, Nights at the Circus

 Marriage is for woman the commonest mode of livelihood, and the total amount of undesired sex endured by women is probably greater in marriage than in prostitution.

 BERTRAND RUSSELL, Marriage and Morals

A Text that was not for me

I received a text that was not for me:
"Come for interview at three."
"Sorry, you are mistake. I do sex job, you see."
He says, "Oh, a hooker, that is you."
I reply, "Absolutely, that is me. What time is good for you?"
"I am clean, young, athlete guy . I don't pay for sex. How about we do some outside date?"
I say, "Sorry, you need to come my home, before too late.
For many pictures, video, you can see my website. "
After time, comes his response; " You are very sexy, so I get excite.
How about one hundred, at nine tonight?"