In March 2012, we went to Sun Peaks, north of Kamloops, for Bruce's BC Surgical Society meeting. It' s my first try at skiing. Sorry, there is no video of my skiing which is not good. We still have lots of fun.

Some verses about my job:


So you want to know what I'll do?

Make appointment and I'll show you.

You need to know the details in advance?

Ah, come on, man, there's no game of "chance".

Driving to my place is not a roll of dice.

Your good time, you won't sacrifice.

My home is no Casino. There's no risk, there's no "stake"

There's no loser. Only sweet and tender playtime is for the take.

Don't be nervous; there's no stacked deck, no spinning wheel.

This house will guarantee the deal.


Every country has its laws.

Traffic laws, tax laws, business laws, family laws,

Laws keep order, are meant to keep us comfortable and safe.

 In Canada, last year, 2000 die in the motor vehicle.

Ten thousand more are taken to hospital.

Everyone would agree we need the traffic law.

Fasten seat belt, avoid the drink, keep to 50km/hr

.Last year, how many die from sensual massage?

H job kills how many? B-job injures thousands?

Safe playtime sends to hospital?


Listen to me, peerless leaders,

I don't need a million dollars,

I don't need some diamond ring.

I don't want to live like King.

I don't want a pleasure yacht,

In a palace, I'll not be caught.

 Listen to me, judges, scholars,

I don't need a million dollars.

Let me do my job; I don't need a rest.

Just let me do what I do best.