The singer is Josephine Baker. She was an African American dancer and singer, 1906-1975. She was born in St Louis, Missouri. Her father, who knows. She found America a difficult place to live. In St Louis, her home was burned down. She ran away from here, then ran away from America. She found a welcoming country in France. Her sing and dance performaces soon gained her a place in the the Folies Bergeres de Paris.

In 1927, she created a senation with her "Danse Sauvage" in which her only costume was a string of artificial bananas.

She returned to tour America, but was disappointed to find she did not seem welcomed. Hotels and restaurants turned her away. She was an activist, refusing to perform in front of segregated audiences; She stood by Martin Luther King,

I like her quote [and there are many]  "I was not naked. I just did not have any clothes"