Seinfeld Episode about the nipple

Papua New Guinea has it right

This video clip was posted on youtube in 2009, but filmed in 2001 at the Festival Melanesia in Lifou, New Caledonia. Nineteen comments were favorable, except for one. This is it: "They should no better these latter put some tops on the girls"
What this shows is that the percentage of the population surfing youtube that is both illiterate and in the "idiot" category is 1/20 or 5%.
I hope this performance continues, but I worry that the island's culture will be infected by the Christian missionary.

Canoe Navigation Song from Pohnpei


All this is about the nipple?
The female nipple we cannot see.
It is symbol of the sexuality.
The male nipple apparently of no consequence
Now,does this make any sense?
In Polynesia,Namibia and Amazonia,
The female nipple will cause no ripple.
Our television loves that violence
Explosion, flames and gunfire,
Of this The viewer never tires.
But a flash of female nipple! Now, that will bring outrage!
Supreme court and million dollar fine is brought to stage.

A Flash in Prime Time

It is superbowl time again. I do not watch football.

Bruce told me about an event that happened ten years ago during the halftime show.Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson were performing. Justin pulled on her dress, right at the end, exposing her breast. For .09 seconds, precisely.

Well, this was a calamity of enormous proportions.Apparently.

CBS tried to switch to an aerial view of the stadium, but, alas, were too late. The breast flash was viewed by 143 million folks. Soon, it became the most searched event on the internet.Instant replay of this .09 seconds was run for more time than all challenged calls in the entire NFL season. Slow motion, stop action, zoom in, all the angles.

Repercussions continued for several years.

A Federal Commission investigated and CBS was fined $550,000.00. They fought back in the courts. The matter almost went to the US Supreme court.A body called the Court of Appeals finally cancelled the fine.

From the moment it happened, complaints poured in from all over stodgy, hypocritical America. Five hundred thousand to be exact. The moral code of America was unravelling! Justin was not very apologetic. Janet took most of the heat.

Canada, I am proud to say, didn't think it was a big deal. Fifty [50] people complained.