A Century past: Have we seen the last of Mrs Grundy?

Queen Victoria;  Born May 24, 1819. Inherited the throne at age 18 and reigned for 63 years. The Victorian era was marked by the industrial revolution, expansion of the British Empire and a society featuring class distinction, rigid morality and hypocrisy. Her birthday is celebrated in Canada on the third Monday, every May.You can thank Queen Victoria for the day off.  May 23,2016.

So have we left the Victorian time behind?

Most say those Victorian times are finished.

They think we've cancelled the prude and the priggish.

Now we say we have open mind;

The internet shows sex of every kind.

There is same- sex marriage. the Gay Parade.

Lady Chatterley and Fanny Hill, once banned and authors jailed,

Works of literary excellence, they now are hailed.

Magazines and movies display the butt and breast.

There are beach games and bikini contest,

Who has the best rear end conformation? All is just a celebration.

Now, just say, "I love you", and you can share accommodation.

But let me ask some questions to refresh your mind.


How many of the population would think my adverts are for the good?

Do you know my postings that you read could get me place with free food?

If I have boyfriend, husband, he's " living off avails", the rules could find.

My nice home would be " house of special kind," says some people's mind.


Victoria, we have not left your time, a century of the hypocrite and prude.

You don't believe me? My purpose is to delude?

Ladies, go down to English Bay next summer and show the breasts.

In the back of a black and white, you will soon become their guest.