The tree and flower, you see, are anchored to one place.

So, what wondrous invention is the muscle, in evolution's race.

The Actin and the Myosin slide in amazing dance,

Gives motion and the force; see the horse,

Leap and gallop through the course.

See the Cheetah's deadly sprinting,

Marvel at the Hummingbird, at the flower, hovering.

So, you Homo sapiens, with large brain, slowest, weakest of all by far,

Could not catch a fat Rabbit, killed by Leopard, Wolf and Jaguar,

Your enemies, the car, the sofa, television and computer,

Bread and cake, cookies and the doughnut, soft drinks and peanut butter.

Follow me. Save your muscles. Lets hear you talk about your deltoid, bicep, tricep.

This is project for the life. Want to always climb the stair? Get out of chair?

Work the quadricep.