Missionary Sheriff

The righteous Sheriff: 
Onward Christian Soldier!

The righteous Sheriff:
Onward Christian Soldier!

A gentleman, name of John Attanasio, was in a hotel in Dallas, last February, where he decided one hour of sexy playtime would be nice. He scanned the escort section of Backpage, phoned a lady, booked a time. The deal was for $100, one hour.

His Backpage.com 'date' turned out to be an undercover officer. In lieu of paid sex, the former dean of Southern Methodist University's Law School spent the next hour being placed under arrest, the details of which quickly went viral.

OK. What, in heaven's name, was that ???  What did that accomplish?  Words fail me.  Some crime was occurring?  Come on.

But, you know, Canada has the same law. This could have happened to some visitor in the Hyatt Regency in downtown Vancouver.

We can thank law enforcement in Canada that this is not occurring. Police are going to pay attention to human trafficking, threatening and assault. They do not like involvement of underage persons in prostitution. Good. Let them focus on these clearly harmful crimes, which are not just associated with prostitution.

You know, I think trafficking and  violence are very uncommon in prostitution. How can I say that?  Well, I think I am more entitled to say that than some crusading, politicalized, religiotic Sheriff in Cook County, Illinois.

I provided sex for money. I did this job for eight years. I saw 3-4 clients a day. I did not take many days off. So, do the math. That's about 1000/year, for eight years. Equals about 8000. During these 8000 encounters, how many men assaulted me? Zero. How many threatened me? Zero.

How many tried to persuade or force me to do something I was not comfortable with? Zero.

You say, something bad must have happened. Well, OK. One guy made some story and left without paying. A few came to the door, but made an excuse and left。[ maybe thought I am too old, but didn't want to say]

Nobody is "trafficked". No one is "forced" to do this job. I advertised my service on Craigslist,Leolist,Kingdom99 and  Backpage. Every day there are thousands of postings, just in Greater Vancouver. I think everyone is getting business, doing OK. Everyone puts lots of sexy pictures, tries to say something special about themselves or their service. All the ladies try hard to stay visible on the list,"bumping" their ad as often as allowed.

This brings me to the issue of Backpage and the crusader Sherriff I mentioned above. Backpage is a big player in online advertising of sexual services in the US. Cook County Sherriff Thomas Dart rants on how prostitution is rife with trafficking, violence and in particular, the forced involvement of underage girls. He successfully "persuaded" Visa and  Mastercard to cease their involvement with Backpage, effectively leaving Backpage with no way to be paid. Fortunately,  Backpage is resourceful. They now accept "bitcoin" in payment. From what I can see there has been no "dip" in advertisement postings. I found the bitcoin pathway frustrating at first, but eventually found the way.  

So, it seems, have most others. Backpage is allowing you to post an ad without paying, offering to "bill you later". If you are doing this, I encourage all you nice ladies to master the bitcoin route and pay for your ads. Backpage is a great advertising venue. Let's stuff the Sheriff.

Let me close with my views on  prostitution: They are quite simple.

1. Be 19 years of age, or older. Please do not cheat on this. You will hurt yourself, your client and all of the adults doing this job.

2. Work independently. Have a command of English. Answer your own phone, arrange your own appointments. Create your own ads and post them yourself. You do not need someone to do this for you.

3.Work indoors. Have your own place, like a bachelor condo. You can rent for starters. Fix it up, pictures, soft lights, music. Of course you will have shower.

Stay off the street. Outcall to good hotel****, is OK. If you have a car and know your way around, drive yourself. Otherwise, take a taxi.

4.You do not need a boyfriend.

5.You do not need anyone to "help" you. No one gets a "cut" of your income.

6.Eat good food. Have an exercise program.

7.Do not smoke anything. Do not use drugs. [Ever] One glass of wine once in a while, with a customer is OK. No more. Do not let clients smoke or use any substance, in your presence. You are all about health.

8. Put your heart into this job, take pride in being good at it. Be special. You cannot have any issues with race, age, fat or thin, or some physical handicap. Be a real professional.  Learn to do a good, full body massage; you can work in Swedish and tantric, encourage your customer to spend a full hour with you.

9.Finally, condoms for vaginal and anal sex. No exceptions.


Let's not give the Thomas Darts of this world  anything to work with. They like to spout off about trafficking, violence and entrapped children. Don't give him any of that.

Leave him with the real reason for his crusade to "stamp out" prostitution. Look for the words, "morality" and "religion" in his blogs/bulletins and you will see why this staunch Catholic is on this mission.

It is everyone's choice how to find that sexy playtime. No Religious doctrine should ever infringe on what is private and personal.

I am speaking about Human Rights. Sorry, Sherriff Dart, exit stage right.