Judge not, lest ye be judged

PARK RIDGE, Ill. (AP) — The Big Ten female athlete of the year award no longer is named for the Olympic track star from Wisconsin who later acknowledged working as a prostitute.

Big Ten spokesman Scott Chipman said Tuesday that Suzy Favor Hamilton's name was removed from the award after discussions between the league and Wisconsin.

Favor Hamilton, 44, was the Big Ten's female athlete of the year three straight times beginning in 1988 and one of the most celebrated athletes at Wisconsin. She won seven U.S. national titles, her last in 1999.


Letter to Scott Chipman:

I understand that your role in this issue is that you are the "spokesperson" for the "Big Ten" colleges. "Spokesperson" means "messenger", I guess. I presume you were not part of the "discussions" which led to this decision. 

Anyway, I am very good at shooting messengers. You are the only person named here. All those other parties representing the University of Wisconsin and the Big Ten seem to remain anonymous. What they said, how they voted, if there was a vote, has not, to my knowledge, been revealed.

Just you, get to make the annoucement. Doing your job as "spokesperson". Maybe you thought you had no choice.

When you said, "Suzy Favor Hamilton's name has been removed from the award", did this give you satisfaction?  A warm and fuzzy feeling? You like to be the representative of the "good guys"? You think you are standing on the moral high ground? How does it feel to be the flag bearer for the judgemental, the sanctimonius, the "holier than thou" and the hypocrites who were party to this decision?  Do you enjoy being the one to throw the stone?

I believe you had a choice. You live in America where everyone has a choice.

Suzy Hamilton was a special person. Her athletic acheivements brought great credit to the Univerity of Wisconsin, the Big Ten Conference and the United States of America. Her name on the award was deserved and appropriate. Now, the people for whom you speak erased her name from this award, based on the blurry regions of morality, culture, tradition and religion.

Anyone ask the recent recipient of the award if she wants Suzy Hamilton's name taken off?

 If Suzy Hamilton wanted to try the escort business that was her personal decision.

End of that discussion.

As for you, Scott, you prove to be nothing special. You are just one of the mob.