Learn from another's mistake

In 2006, I chose the name, "Monica" for my massage job at the Radisson Hotel Spa. When I start to work independent, this becomes "MONICAMASSAGE".

Now, if I Google "MONICAMASSAGE"and type in,"MONICA...", I first see, "Monica Lewinsky".

By her own words,this "Monica"is famous."Famous for the wrong reasons", she once says.

You must know who is Monica Lewinsky. In 1998, it was discovered that while she was secretary/interne/assistant in the White House, she and the then President of the United states, Bill Clinton, engaged in sexy playtime. This relationship continued for about a year. The "playtime" sounds like it included "blow jobs".Maybe, by count, nine times.

The issue escalated.The mob psychology began.Everyone dibbed in with their judgement.The presidency was threatened. Enter the supreme court, believe it or not.Mr Clinton denied, tried to save his job, his marriage, maybe too.

Monica"s "friends" saved evidence, and turned it over to investigators.Finally, Mr Clinton hade to admit that he had,"inappropriate relationship".He had to give up his presidency because he has fudged the truth to the Supreme court.

Mr Clinton seems to have put these events behind him. The worthy citizens of America don't seem to hold it against him.

Not so, Monica.She tried everything, from full disclosure talk shows, endorsements, a line of hand bags and now a speaking tour, talking about cyberbullying.

I actually think the folks of America were long ago saying, "the girl was young and foolish,made a mistake.Whatever."

Recently, she came to Vancouver. I see her picture, [looks good] She says she is "putting behind her", "moving on".

Monica, I wish you well. You are not bad lady. Then or now. I need to say,you will not be able to put the events of 1998 "behind you" This issue grew to Tyrannosaurus Rex.There is no lady in this world with a brain strong enough to have flushed this stuff.Consensual, intimate,respecting,seemed harmless, at the time. But once the authorities, the investigators, the prosecutors[the real bad people] and the media enter the stage, then you have something Giamoungus.

I wish you were supersuperwoman with brain of steel. I wish you had just given the finger to the Judgement Army of the world.

Don't Play the Boss

You are secretary? You think to play with boss?

Let me tell you. This could be big loss.

Let's say you are man boss. You think to play your lady staff?

Let me tell you, this may not turn out to be big laugh.

You are President? You are the CEO?

You think this gives you license for the go go go?

You are athlete elite? Entertainer? Win the Emmie?

Five Star General, famous for defend your country?

You still feel the need for playtime sexy?

Do not choose your associate.Your biographer.

Your personal trainer. Or your housekeeper.

Listen again to what I say; Just make appointment and simple pay.

That's the way.

The lady knows only your first name. She never knows from where you came.

You are not her boss. There is nothing for her to gain.

Let's play safe. No trail of paper, emails, credit cards and reservations.No "blue dress" stain.

Do not follow  path of Monica and Bill; for few minutes fun he was impeached,

For Monica, it seems,after twenty years,no zone of comfort can be reached.