Abuse the sex worker-become one of the mob.

May. 14, 2021

I now advertise on Leolist as “Monicamassage”. I continue to work from my home. I am familiar with Bill C-36 and am careful to follow the rules.

I never accept any client under the age of 19. I only reply to texts. I never call or text  anyone first. I answer my own phone make my own appointments.

I receive a text on April 25 from unknown lady   [236 863 7066] complaining that I have texted her “boyfriend”. I phone to talk to her but there is voicemail only.

I tell her voicemail that the boyfriend must have contacted me first; She needs to talk to him about this issue. She does not give me name of the boyfriend or any phone number, or a date when this happened.

There is no further text or call from this person until May 10.

The texts begin about 3:15 and soon become abusive and threatening. They call me slut, bitch, whore, and chink.. The boyfriend problem seems to be forgotten. The issue now is that I see underage boys. This has never happened. The text from one person soon turns to group chat [three phones] They keep up steady stream of texts, lots of bad words, for two hours. Almost 40 texts. I just send back prayers for them. They title group chat “Monica is dirty whore”. I change back to “ Bad Lady texts”. There is then one day with no texts, but today they start again at 12:45, same stuff, call their group “Monica eat my ass”.

I do this job for 12 years now. I never have a problem with a client. I am very careful about the laws. I have a few times been texted by a male who said he was 18yrs, could he still come? I always decline.

I do not think I deserve to be called “bitch, slut and chink”. I very clearly told this person to STOP. This only seemed to make matters worse.

I chat with a lawyer, on line, [ Justanswer]. He is sympathetic and advises filing a complaint with the police. He agrees that this was a criminal offense. So, I went to the RCMP detachment with copies of the texts. Reception lady says, “Just block their phone numbers”. I persist that I want to file a complaint. Finally, she gives in and goes to find a police officer.  It is the officer’s opinion that the forty texts in a space of two hours, calling me bitch, slut, and chink, are “kids playing a joke” and the solution is just to block the calls. I am not happy with this decision, thinking this is not a “joke”; rather, it is criminal harassment. Finally, the officer blocks the caller for me and walks away. I have to go to my cell phone provider to get help blocking the phones of the two other members of the chat group.

If this were to happen again, a solution is to block their phone number. Trying to talk with them or simply telling them to stop appears to be fruitless. I was very patient with the malignant chat; I tried responding with lines from the Lord’s Prayer, “ Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” . No result.

Blocking the caller does not get to the root of the problem. No sex worker is “fair game” for any form of abuse. Before you abuse a sex worker, you should look in the mirror. You have a “boyfriend” that you live with, have sex with, he pays the rent, buys you gifts, takes you out to performances, restaurants? You are a prostitute. You are tired of your job [secretary, waitress, receptionist] so you look for a good husband who can buy a house, join a club, buy you gifts. You find one, stop your job, go to tennis club. Same as prostitution.

I do not mind being called a prostitute. This is good, honest job. Better than wife who says; “I have a headache, not tonight” or, “Leave me alone. I gave you sex just a week ago” or, “What? Suck your cock? That’s disgusting! Never. Or, “You like your tongue? Then keep it to yourself.”

I provide a service. Like all the ladies on the Leolist. Our availability for the playtime provides a better choice for the man than this girlfriend, that girlfriend. Go to the Pub, try for the “pick-up”. The husband may come to seek “something different”, or maybe he is being denied; much better to go to the Leolist than try to start another relationship [the affair] The ladies on the Leolist escort section will not be the cause of divorce; they will often save the marriage, keep families together. We all have phone numbers, use a cell phone; it will be no problem to send us abusive texts. We are not hiding. My face is not covered. I have a book , a movie and a website. My life is open book. You want to abuse me on my cell phone, knowing police will not trace your phone, come and knock on your door? You are coward [ 236 863 7066 ]

I am not.