Some advice for you

For David Petraeus and Francois Hollande,

For Arnold and Tiger, these words are too late,

But this message for you, so listen to me, before you open the gate.

If you are husband, never go to affair,

Why do the lies, empty promises and deception?

Why make arrangements for the five star 'ccomodation,?

Hotels and restaurants, week- end vacations, the luxury spa,

All these activities will soon come to light,

And then will be big hurt, anger and fight,

The lawyers will bring your finances to tight,

Half of everything will be decided, just right.

You say," I am not President with career at stake,

I don't have millions for someone to take."

So now, your brain is ready to make,

What you will soon find, is the big mistake.


You're married for twenty, the children have plenty,

The mortgage is paid, the retirement is plan,

Everyone tells you, you are "family man".

But, in the bedroom, what first burned so bright,

Has now dwindled down to small candlelight.


With simple phone call, a time you can make,

You can pass by each week for some sex that is great,

Then go home satisfied, to continue good life.

You can consider that I do this job for the wife.