You thought you were Big Wheel?

You think you are "big guy"?
You are important in your eye?
You think you control a person' destiny?
You provide the key, stand at gate,
You call the shots, you can make or break?

You think your position gives you license?
You can promise that and promise this?
You can give big chance? Career or fall?
A precious, steady job with benefits and all?

What price will your favors be? Well, you know what that is.
You take a "selfie" and say," You want this?"

You do the "interview" in your hotel room?
Your dress code for this is towel or bathrobe?
In the workplace you touch and kiss? Hug and grope?
You speak suggestive words or send the sexy note?
You don't know meaning of word, "No"?
You look for chance to slip some dope?

The person I describe is you?
Uh Oh. I hear a bell. I think it tolls for you.

Every day, targets of your "favors" are coming forth.
Soon to join your life, lawyers, police and media frenzy.
Damage control you cannot do. No use the sad apology.
The horse has left the barn, gone down the road,
No use now to try to shut the door.
Social network will feast on you, call you "scum" of earth,
Not a red cent will you be worth.

If you were boss, director, producer, governor,
CEO, judge, General or Senator, teacher or Doctor;
You were person "in position of authority".
You forgot,"Govern yourself accordingly."

Innocent until proven guilty? Yes, if the charge is murder.
But for you, just one complaint, you are guilty and that's forever.
There is no "Statute of Limitations", [same as murder.]
You may not go to jail. you may pay no fine, no witness can be found.
That's no matter. All your world will come tumbling down.

So listen to this advice:
First, never go to the sneaky, coward, cheater satisfaction of your "test"
Find good wife and with her you can play; there is no doubt, that is best.
When you are "out there" have due respect for all the rest.

For whatever reason, you have no wife? No partner? Nervous for commitment?
How to satisfy that sexy playtime urge and be content?
I already told you what to never do. Now I say what is best for you.
Open Backpage or the Leolist and make your choice.
Make appointment and be right on time.Use gentle and polite voice.
Now is level playing field. You and she are just two adults who made a deal.
You no longer are big boss, big wheel; you are just another "John", that's for real.

Show her all due respect, take the offered shower and put cash on table, in advance.
Sex is not made right or wrong by the act of simply paying,
What counts is the level of respect that you are bringing.



Some advice for Roosh and others

Hey, Roosh V! I read about you! I am sorry I do not read all of your book, "Bang", except for a few excerpts.

In spite of your appearance,which is worrisome, you say you are able to pick up lots of girls, and even more surprisingly, persuade them to come to bed with you, do the fuck.

On line, I read you do this with a well rehearsed portfolio of opening lines and glib answers, perfected by trial and error,during thousands of attempts.You keep score. Talk about "notches".

Recently, you are on speaking tour in Canada. Seems that people are angry or afraid of you, want you banned from Canada, want to cancel your speaking arrangements.In Montreal, they throw drinks at you, chase you down the street.

This is not right.I am not afraid of you or your words.I do not think you will hurt anyone.The ladies that were persuaded by you to go to the bed,do the fuck,will have learned a lesson. They got a fuck and have nothing to show for it.Nothing.Zero.No jewellery, no car, no condo,no trip,no house, no marriage,not beneficiary of any investment plan; Just a giant "Nothing".   ...Oh, sorry,I forgot, you have become another"notch".

You ladies who can be "talked into" the fuck by some shady-looking character in a bar,I think you could do much better. Advertise on the Internet and provide the same service to many nice gentlemen for $200/hour. At the end of the day you will have about $1000 in your hand. Soon you will become to independent, have best of trendy clothing, sport car, high-end condo.

Some words for Roosh. Save your energy.No need to rehearse, practice your lines,spend hours touring the night clubs, try this one, that one, get told to "fuck off" or have drinks thrown at you.

Here's a better plan. If you are in Vancouver, you just phone for an appointment. The lady can arrangement for you very quickly. You don't need to remember your lines. Just tell her what time is good for you; then write down the address. When you come, you don't have to remember to bring a condom. She will have lots.  Nice shower, too.

No clever lines need to be spoken. Just enjoy the sensual touch; the fuck is guaranteed.

This will cost you about $200. This way, both of you are  happy. No one sad, no one mad.

Roosh, these ladies will never text you, phone you, look for you anywhere.If you promised  something,they will never expect it to happen.

Just remember the $200 cash, on the table, before. Thank you