Sally Rand was a burleque dancer in 1930's, 1940's. She was most well known for the fan dance, and her most famous performance was at the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1933. She was arrested six times in one day, for the fan dance, and other promotion activities, including riding a white horse in the streets of Chicago, seemingly nude.

The fan dance was performed by Sally in the movie, Bolero, in 1934. She opened a club in San Francisco,  Club Savoy, and was still performing the fan dance there in 1946 where she was arrested twice before the Judge went to the performance himself and dismissed the charges.

Sally Rand died in 1979, so she never saw her fan dance performed in the motion picture "The Right Stuff".  Actress Betty Davis was introduced as ' Sally Rand". The music was "Claire de Lune"

Sally Rand was a great person and performer.  I love this dedicated and fearlees quality. I want to be like this.