The Coach

Not everyone has a coach.

You can go for run with the friendly group. You can buy the exercise machine,

You can join the gym and do aerobics, do the yoga class and not be seen.

You can ride your bicycle by yourself, play tennis with your friend.

Not everyone has a coach. So why do some people find a coach?

Coach means you're serious, you have a goal to fill.

Coach means you want faster, stronger, higher level skill.

Coach means you want to do the Competition. I know you will.

Coach means you'll wear the number and pay the entry fee,

To your coach you'll say, please push and encourage me.

Come to starting line, or your turn you'll wait. Do "focus" and the "concentrate".

Coach means you want to do the personal best. You will want to beat the rest.

Coach means you are not afraid to hear your name called out.

Coach means you'll be ready for the gun, the horn, the music and the shout.

You'll be ready for the track, the pool, the floor, the stage. You'll have no doubt.

Not everyone wants a coach. But remember, it's not easy to be a coach.