BC Championships in Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness and Figure, 2013.

In Fitness, there were six competitors.  You need to finish in top five to advance to Nationals. It is difficult to predict outcome in these competitions. There is definitely an element of luck. Someone told Bruce that I would be number 5, but would go to the Nationals. They said my music was not suitable [too slow]

The BC fitness competition has come and gone.

The excitement and the celebration, for a short time shone.

Now its time to turn another page and try to reach another stage.

From some I hear I'll have no chance, my music with no "spunk", no energy,

Not suitable for fitness, the tempo far too slow, success can never be.

They say I need to cancel this music mix. Before the Nationals I need to fix.

What do I say? My life has taught me lesson.

March to the beat of your own drum.

Dance to music that speaks of where you're coming from.

Like art and whiskey, "old is best". Find the tunes that will stir your breast.

My Overtures, William Tell and Light Cavalry, masters Rossini and Tchaikovsky,

On the concert program, every season, you will see.

After one hundred years, they hold their place.

Hard rock, reggi, rap; just noise, too soon will be replace.

My music and routine was it a fail?  Then why was I in second place?