Many summers, Zeng and I have joined my family at a small private resort on Yellowpoint road, south of Nanaimo. I have three sons and one daughter, Blair, Patrick, Matthew and Pamela. Their mother is Linda, first wife. There are seven grandchildren; Quinn, Connor, Alexandra, Elizabeth, Catherine, Emily and Isobel. They are all in this video.

There is no shopping mall nearby. Cell phones don't work. There is no Television. No computer, no internet, no cinema.

Nobody seemed bored, wanted to go home. Everyone found stuff to do. Played cards and chess, did crafts, went swimming, kayaking, water skiing, hiking, beachcombing, fishing. Everyone seems content, enjoying simple activities.


Let no small thing, unnoticed, just go passing by.

See every beetle, moth and butterfly.

Never let a living thing escape the eye.
Do you know the Eagle and the Osprey's cry?
Study that tide pool. Identify everything that move.
Find what surprise waits under stone and log.
Understand the wind and rain, dew, frost and fog.
Never say there is nothing for me to do.
What is that rock? Pushed there by glacier?
Came from volcano? Carried by rushing river?
See the lichen, moss and fern. Know every tree,
Every flower and berry.  There is no admission fee.
Don't let the greatest show on Earth just go passing by.
Maybe, one great day, a pod of Orcas will come passing by.