Out the Winder Go the Beans

So, you sanctimonius, don't wrinkle your forehead when you look this way

He wanted to "abolish" my job. He said my nice
customers were "perverts"

The Frowners


You search the lists for what is right for you.

You  believe this is the best thing you can do.

Most others would "frown upon" this forum.

Arrogant and smug, their life is all decorum.

The world is one great club of "Frown".

These virtuous, they think they are on high ground.

From here they can only look one way, and that is down.

"Let every woman have a husband and every man a wife".

Then [they say] wonderful sex will be there for life.

The smugly married, confident in their correctness,

Love to play the "holier than thou", no less.

Do marriage, find girlfriend, you can go this way.

Or you can make appointment, and simple pay.

Take a shower, be on time, if you choose,

Let them frown, they're the ones to lose..




There are some Human Activities that need Abolishing. Prostitution is not one of them.

Hey, nice gentleman. Don't read Bill-36. Take a look at The Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Justice Minister, he knew the prostitution was bad thing,

"Let's be clear", he said, "This activity needs abolishing."

My nice gentleman customer, he then calls, "pervert"

If comes to play then pay, my man, to jail, could be divert.

This new Bill C-36, you think, will any problem fix?

This government, they have three times to leave no doubt,

But fail each time, so now strike out.

Is too bad, this Law upon the book,

May take five years to get the hook.

You stodgey, moralistic folks had majority,

Now your government and you are history.

Now other stuff takes priority;

Oil price goes down, then economy,

Now comes what will be your legacy. That will be a Mr Mike Duf fy.