"I wasn't nude. I just didn't have any clothes" Josephine Baker


Michaelangelo:  "What spirit so empty that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, the skin more noble than the garment with which it is clothed".

I have recently submitted a picture of myself to an advertising editor of a widely read weekly newspaper. It was to be in the adult pages, where you can look for sexual services. In the picture, neither I nor my customer has any clothes. The photograph was taken, with others, by a professional photographer, in a studio.

The advertising person soon replys to say the ad is fine, but only one problem; that is, the paper is not allowed to show nudity.  Reasons, many. Some portion of the readership likely to be offended, advertisers not happy, and last but not least City Council has some rules, [? by-laws].  There is no wiggle room; I tried picture no.2 but the answer is still no, sorry. The paper suggests picture no.3, so I decide to use it. Picture no. 3 wins because the nipples are covered, I guess. Female nipple cannot be seen?  How strange we are.

There was a famous Spanish painter, Francesco Goya, 1740-1820. Goya did many portraits of Spanish nobility. In 1797, he painted "The Naked Maja". This painting was not exhibited during his remaining lifetime, but soon ran afoul of the Catholic Church and the Spanish inquisition. It was said to be "obscene". Fifteen years later, the Inquisition summoned Goya, to tell them who commissioned him to do this painting. It is not clear how Goya responded.

'The Naked Maja is now in the Museo del Prado in Madrid.

In 1930, the Spanish Authorities approved two postal stamps with the Naked Maja, in memory of Goya. Interestingly, the same year, the US Government barred any mail displaying these stamps.?!!

My nude pictures, of which I am very proud, are in both of my books, "Monicamassage" and "zengmonicamassage", they are on the website that you are looking at now, and they frequently appear on Craigslist. So far, no Inquisition.

I hope, one day, my nude pictures will be in a Gallery.

It appears that there will be no more inquisitions in this western world.

I am aware that in one third of the inhabited world, I would have been put in the jail forever, or, more likely, executed.